Introduction to the updates

High Speed Rail (HSR) is the same thing as Very Fast Train (VFT) in Australia. It is proposed to construct it between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the largest cities in Australia. Fast Freight Rail (FFR) would run next to HSR on separate dedicated electrified tracks. Passengers would be carried in comfort and convenience from CBD to CBD. Freight would halve the cost and delivery time of interstate road freight. HSR would reduce road congestion and preserve liveability of major cities. FFR would increase productivity and competition. Much of the rapid population increase in Australia would be located in country regions on HSR and FFR lines in new big cities. Innovative engineering, design and planning would be needed for city densification and new smart city building and for HSR/FFR. The following items were written after my book, Peter J Knight High Speed Rail for Australia-Now, was published in July 2015. They clarify and expand on issues raised.

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