Rail Freight and the Port of Brisbane

The capacity of rail freight to and from the Port of Brisbane is constrained at present and is not well placed for the projected increase in freight through-put. It would be increased by extending the HSR/FFR Project. This would entail cutting a trench next to the existing railway, building dedicated narrow and standard gauge electric freight tracks connecting the Brisbane intermodal freight terminus with the Port, and narrow gauge passenger tracks in it. The trenches would be built over with new inner-city low rise housing. Sale of housing would pay for the whole new railway. Careful design would be needed for gauge cross-overs.

The abattoir at the Port may be relocated to another site on the freight line to give greater access to increased volume of freight through the Port. Expansion of rail capacity would facilitate export of spoil from HSR and adjacent suburban rail trenches in Brisbane to Singapore. (See separate note re spoil.)


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