Author: Peter J Knight


Comments on the CLARA HSR Proposal

3/52 Grey StEast MelbourneVic 30020419 006 17.7.16 The EditorThe Australian Dear sir Comments on the CLARA HSR Proposal Advantages The CLARA (Consolidated Land and Rail Australia) project is impressive, indeed “uplifting”. It is predicated on Maglev technology, which is extremely fast. It would take only 1 hour 50 minutes express from Sydney to Melbourne, […]


Issues for Australia Addressed

Australia and other countries are experiencing voluntary, self-imposed austerity by consumers and companies. They are restraining consumption and investment. As a result, incomes and growth are below the long term average increase. People are unwilling to accept government austerity as well. It could take 10-20 years for austerity to unwind. It might get worse. It […]


Further letter to Premier of Victoria

16.5.16 The Premier of Victoria Parliament House  Melbourne, Vic 3000 Dear Mr Andrews I seriously appeal in the strongest and starkest terms to the Victorian Government to stop the ‘SkyRail’ project between Dandenong and Melbourne now. “SkyRail’ will block the entry of High Speed Rail to the Southern Cross Station intermodal transport hub in the […]


Letter to PM Turnbull

18.4.16 The Prime Minister of Australia Parliament House  Canberra, ACT 2600 Dear Mr Turnbull Thank you for your confident leadership in adopting High Speed Rail for Australia. It is the right thing to do, it is profitable and it is self-financing. It will reassure the public that the deeply concerning issues around liveability, population doubling […]


Submission to Federal Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities.

In the 2010 election voters became aware that the Australian population may double in the next 40-50 years. It became evident that they did not want population to increase because they feared loss of their precious liveability. The subject of population increase virtually vanished from public comment. Voters’ concerns did not disappear. If population doubles […]


Raise the Spirit of Australia

The Spirit of Australia needs revitalising. It started at Gallipoli and in France in WW1 with outstanding courage and sacrifice, and the innovation by Monash and the Australians who broke through the European trench warfare stalemate and led to victory. It established respect for Australian soldiers and consolidated protection of the major power- Britain. In […]

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