Author: Peter J Knight

Submission to Infrastructure Australia, August 2019

1 Extract 2 Executive Summary 3 Settlement Strategy 1 Extract The proposed Settlement Strategy addresses key issues for Australia’s future: Where and how Australians live in the next few decades How to connect them most effectively How to raise Australian innovation, international competitiveness and prosperity How to invest the next trillions of dollars, including infrastructure, […]

Innovation in Mega-regions

Introduction The quite remarkable insights into innovation in mega-regions recently in Shanghai has led to new innovative strategies to increase innovation in China. It is recognised there that innovation is the foundation for progress to prosperity. Innovation, of course, has taken us from the caves. Three large new high-rise office towers were built in Shanghai […]

Executive Summary

Clearly, the Australian regions need more population growth and the major cities less. An Australian mega-region provides this, together with superior economic performance and lower cost of infrastructure. One definition of mega-region is a spatial and structural outcome of urban expansion, exploitation of comparative advantage and increasing international interaction. Another is a large network of […]

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