The Australian East Coast Mega-region

The purpose of the Australian east coast mega-region is to lift economic growth back to the pre-GFC level and make Australia more internationally competitive and prosperous. It aims to end present slow growth and perpetuate higher growth. In the process, it would distribute more of the rapid population increase to the regions and save Melbourne and Sydney from gross over-crowding and higher congestion. Many new opportunities and new jobs would be created

High Speed Rail is an adjunct to the mega-region: a means to an end. New cities of 1 to 3m would be built along the line between major cities. Each would have its own high-rise CBD offices and residential towers and new suburban developments. The mega-region cities would be connected rapidly by HSR: two new cities to the north and south of Brisbane, two north and south of Sydney, two east and west of Melbourne and on to Adelaide. Tasmania would be connected by autonomous ships. The five cities in northern Queensland and Hobart would be connected by more air services.

The projected population of 50m growing over the next 5 decades would easily be accommodated in the new regional cities and, to a lesser extent, the old major cities. If population continued to grow, more new cities would be built along the HSR line.

Christopher Hire, the director of Data at ‘2thinknow’ has modelled for Lend Lease here and Saville in the UK. He knows the property development industry. He will bring data from the 50 best similar size cities world-wide to the model for the new Australian mega-region cities.

PJK 25.6.19

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