Further letter to Premier of Victoria


The Premier of Victoria Parliament House  Melbourne, Vic 3000

Dear Mr Andrews

I seriously appeal in the strongest and starkest terms to the Victorian Government to stop the

‘SkyRail’ project between Dandenong and Melbourne now.

“SkyRail’ will block the entry of High Speed Rail to the Southern Cross Station intermodal transport hub in the CBD from the east via Dandenong. It will guarantee that the population of Melbourne will increase from 4m to 8m, instead of to 5m over the next 40-50 years and cause far more congestion.

A population of 8m is the size of London now. At 4m, Melbourne is presently by far the largest city in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world and is ranked number one. A population of 8m will make it about the same as London, ranked at number 53 in the world. Melbourne will drop in liveability.

When Melbourne voters find that the Government, despite warnings, built ‘SkyRail’ not with unintended consequences, but knowingly with intended consequences, they will be unforgiving.

The attachment explains HSR entry to Melbourne from the east that would reduce congestion and sustain liveability for Melbourne. It envisages 1½m people living within 2-300km to the east and 1½m people living to the west of Melbourne in the regions connected to the CBD by HSR in less than 60 minutes. It can be done. It would remove all level-crossings in trenches. It would create huge value. It would be totally self-funded through value capture. It would save the Government many billions of dollars to be invested in other things.

The Government can initiate what is best for Victoria by stopping ‘SkyRail’ from blocking HSR. Please take the longer view to protect Melbourne’s liveability.

Yours sincerely

Peter J Knight    B. Com (Hons) (Melb), MBA (Melb) Chairman, The VFT 2 Project
Recently Founder, Chairman and CEO, The CEO Circle Pty Ltd
Former BHP Member of the Advisory Board, the original VFT Consortium Former Manager Corporate Planning, BHP H.O.
Former Economist, RBA

Copy to: The Leader of the Victorian Opposition
The Prime Minister
The Leader of the Federal Opposition
Chairman, Infrastructure Australia

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