Month: July 2016


Comments on the CLARA HSR Proposal

3/52 Grey StEast MelbourneVic 30020419 006 17.7.16 The EditorThe Australian Dear sir Comments on the CLARA HSR Proposal Advantages The CLARA (Consolidated Land and Rail Australia) project is impressive, indeed “uplifting”. It is predicated on Maglev technology, which is extremely fast. It would take only 1 hour 50 minutes express from Sydney to Melbourne, […]


Issues for Australia Addressed

Australia and other countries are experiencing voluntary, self-imposed austerity by consumers and companies. They are restraining consumption and investment. As a result, incomes and growth are below the long term average increase. People are unwilling to accept government austerity as well. It could take 10-20 years for austerity to unwind. It might get worse. It […]

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