Letter to Chairman IA


Mr M Birrell
Infrastructure Australia
GPO Box 5417
Sydney, NSW 2000

Dear Mr Birrell

Further to my letter of 28.10.15 lodging a Submission to Infrastructure Australia on the HSR/FFR Project, I append a detailed addendum on HSR/FFR. In addition, a copy of two letters to the Prime Minister dated 15.10.15 and 21.1.16, a copy of extracts of letters to Ministers and a copy of a Submission to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities Inquiry into ‘The role of transport connectivity on stimulating development and economic activity’, are attached.

I commend the feasibility study for HSR/FFR as proposed in my letter dated 15.10.15 to the Prime Minister. My book High Speed Rail for Australia-Now, previously sent to you, contains greater detail. It also sets out a business strategy that is the foundation on which the commercial feasibility study would be built. The HSR/FFR Project would be profitable in its own right. It is a means to two ends.

These are the redistribution of the population as it doubles and the removal of the expensive interstate transport distortion. The amelioration of these major issues that would follow from HSR/FFR would generate enormous benefits for Australia. There is a strong symbiotic relationship between the two issues and the two railways, and also between the two railways and between the two issues.

May I put it to you that the HSR/FFR Project would have an above average ROI, would stand on its own feet and would have a very high net cost/benefit ratio? It justifies IA giving the HSR/FFR Project feasibility study that the Government should initiate a high priority in the list of projects which the IA will submit for the Government to consider.

Yours sincerely

Peter J Knight B. Com (Hons) (Melb), MBA (Melb)
Chairman, The VFT 2 Project
Recently Founder, Chairman and CEO, The CEO Circle Pty Ltd
Former BHP Member of the Advisory Board, the original VFT Consortium
Former Manager Corporate Planning, BHP H.O.
Former Economist, RBA

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